Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information’s regarding personal 

When a user visits our website, he may pass his personal information’s or may not pass.

 It is up to him whether he wants to convey his personal data or not.

We give visitor both ways to use or not.

If a persons convey his own personal data, we are bound to give him privacy. So that he will not expose to anyone.

Identification of non-personal:

For example, kind of computer or PC, means of ways of site, and name of browser, system of operating is called non personal identifications.

We can find / ask about them.

Our Objectives:

-To enhance our website.

-To improve our website.

-Useful feedback.

-Better customer service.

-Display information’s.

-Good promotion.

-Better response of argues, questions, kind requests.


Your data, password, Private information’s, username etc. are protected with high profile.